Skype and Zoom lessons are flexible, convenient and now with Covid-19—they are essential. The devastating impact of this current global pandemic means that face-to-face classroom lessons are becoming a thing of the past; sad but true. As a class teacher myself I have felt the pinch of this new reality. Yet I started Byron Tutoring with online lessons in mind.

There are many benefits when it comes to online lessons, and while one of the obvious benefits is your own personal health and safety, technology itself is the greatest benefit to streamline your lessons so they are easily manageable. Moreover, multitasking has changed the way teachers and students manage their workflow and lessons.

During a lesson Byron Tutoring students will use Google Classroom. There are unique classes for primary, secondary and VCE students and you will either be invited to a class via email or given a class code. You will be able to see the teacher’s notes, annotations, comments, and highlights in realtime, and I work in split-screen mode to ensure you are always able to multitask efficiently. These virtual classrooms create an extremely manageable workflow while all learning materials are available under each category according to the subject.

Finally, an important point to remember is that while being physically present may seem better, it really does not improve the learning process at all. Learning is all about communication, so as long as you have a working computer with a microphone and a camera, and a reliable internet connection, then you’re set!

I look forward to our lessons!

Kind regards,

Jonathan Byron

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